More than 16 years ago, Gryphon Financial Group came to market with an entirely new concept that has become a powerful revenue stream for the companies that utilize it.

Over sixteen years of unparalleled growth has proven that Gryphon’s unique ability to offer a full view of our clients’ relationships with their suppliers is delivering bottom-line results.

Gryphon has developed a set of proprietary tools and processes – and assembled a highly-skilled team to deliver them – that combine technology, a proprietary database and relationships with millions of vendors around the globe.   We do it in 43 languages, every single day, for Fortune 500 companies, U.S. states and the U.S. Federal Government.

We use this proprietary approach to make sure our clients are maximizing competitive advantage, driving greater profitability across major industries.

Our clients benefit from the knowledge we’ve gained and the relationships we have built.  No one but Gryphon has such vast data – and the tools and team to put it to use – so only Gryphon’s clients reap the benefits.